Working Dogs came out in July, but I was just realizing I never wrote anything about it. I want to tell some of the funny, and amusing stories that contributed to the film getting made. Most of these stories relate to something one of my film school professors told me years ago: “When most people get into film making they initially assume its this very delicate, intellectual process. Turns out 99% of film making is just lugging really heavy shit around.” The first shoot was in April 2010 and is what became the first 5 minutes of the film. It required flying to England for the first World Cup, taking a ferry to Belgium for the second World Cup, then heading back to the States. My flights were booked, hotel rooms and ferry reserved, but then that big volcano irrupted in Iceland. My flights were on Iceland Air through Reykjavik. Read more

New Stuff

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Between September 2010 and January 2014 I made over 60 episodes of the internet documentary series Behind The Barriers. Over those four years the show chronicled the rise of pro cyclocross racer, Jeremy Powers, from consistent domestic podium threat to the most dominant racer in the U.S. and World Cup top 10 contender. It was an incredible thing to experience for me, both personally and professionally. As a filmmaker, I was able to capture this exciting character’s life very intimately. More so than I feel most people would be comfortable with. And I was also able to witness, first hand, someone I’ve always considered a good friend actually reach the meteoric goals he had set for himself. Another one of the main themes that the show documented over the years was the growth of the relationship between Jeremy and his trusted mechanic, Tom Hopper. This relationship is now almost four Read more

The Strokes

I remember the first time I heard The Strokes. It was 2001, I was watching MTV in my parents’ basement, and the video for “Last Nite” came on. I immediately thought it was cool, especially compared to what they’d been playing on MTV at that time. I called my dad into the room to see what he thought of it. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sounds like some half-assed rock and roll.” I guess I saw what he meant, especially coming from a jaded old man who saw Talking Heads at a house party, and also Jonathan Richman back when he still played with The Modern Lovers. Even as an eighteen year old, I made the immediate comparison between The Strokes and Television. Granted, the only reason I knew about Television was because my dad had introduced me to them a couple months prior. I guess the reason this moment Read more


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I’ve always hated the American version of The Office. Before it even aired, I hated it. In my opinion Ricky Gervais did two perfect seasons of the show in the UK, and then Steve Carell dug it back up and ruined it. American TV has an obsession with milking every living drop out of a good concept. It’s as if nobody realizes that having a goofy comedy turn into something where two of the main characters get married and have a kid probably isn’t a good idea. The show is supposed to be about a bunch of miserable misfits! Nobody’s supposed to be happy, that’s not funny! It should never have gone nine seasons, and everybody knows it. I use this example a lot when I’m thinking about my own creative output. I’ve never wanted to continue any episodic project I’m working on just because it still has an audience. I Read more